Cunninghams of Southwest Nova Scotia

Interested in "digging up the dead"? Here you will find all the genealogical
research I have done to date, including sources where possible. Included are
100,000 names.

Although some genealogy hobbyists provide data only when verified, I have
attempted here to provide all information, and have been verifying and
cross-checking it as I go along. It is not meant to be a 100% accurate
historical document, but rather a leaping-off point for others who may wish to
pursue particular lines of descent. No guarantee of accuracy is offered or

Please note that any and all comments, photos, changes, additions,
deletions, or source documentation are gratefully accepted and will be
incorporated. The data herein is usually updated once a month, sometimes
more often.


Data from George S. Brown's "Yarmouth Nova Scotia Genealogies", originally
published in the Yarmouth Herald (ongoing data entry).

Data from "Some Colonial Dames of Royal Descent" (ongoing data entry).

Ottawa Valley families.

Early nobility from "Genealogy of the Existing British Peerage" (ongoing data

How To Use This Site

Included in this site you will find a family file as compiled by me,
photographs and documents from various sources including grave markers,
explanations of how various names have changed over time, alternative
names (e.g., Mary/Polly), and links to sites of interest. Please feel free to
send comments, suggestions, or corrections.

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26 Jun 2018