Definitions, Etc.

Below you will find some definitions for terms that are
unusual in the day-to-day sense, or which have grown out
of use over the years.

cr. = created

d.s.p. = decessit sine prole = died without children

d.s.p.m. or d.s.p.m.s. = died without male issue

d.v.m. = died during father's lifetime

d.v.p. = decessit vita patris = died during father's lifetime

inst. = instant, present, current = used with date to indicate the current
month, e.g., "the 10th inst." means the 10th day of the current month

j.u. = jure uxoris = in right of wife

K.B. = Knight of the Bath

K.G. = Knight of the Garter

K.T. = Knight of the Thistle (Scotland)

of that Ilk = Scottish phrase indicating residence and status as Laird
(e.g. Malcolm Craig of that Ilk = Malcolm Craig, Laird of Craig

prox. = proximo = in or of the next month after the present, e.g., "the 3rd
prox" means the 3rd day of the next month

q.v. = quod vide = refer to, which see

suo juris = in his (or her) right

ult. = ultimo = in the month preceding the present, e.g., a Dec obituary
reading "Tuesday the 21st ult" refers to 21 Nov